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Our Chef

Mohammed Al Ghazzaoui - UAE

Chef Mohammed Al Ghazzaoui started his culinary journey in Lebanon then moved to KSA where he stayed for 12 years and currently he’s in the UAE. Chef Ghazzaoui has served as a pastry & bakery chef, production manager, concept development manager, f&b consultant, NP food solution sales, key account manager, NP advisory chef, and currently is the NP Senior advisory Chef


Fouad Al-Antaki - KSA, Riyadh

Chef Fouad Al-Antaki started his journey in Lebanon where he finished his education in hospitality management with a wide experience in the food industry.

He started his career at several hotels serving and shortly after was the executive chef to hotels and in Lebanon and KSA.

In 2016, Chef Al-antaki joined Nestle Professional as an executive chef in KSA, Riyadh.


ZouheirBaadarani - KSA, Jeddah

Chef Zouheir Baadarani has pervious experience as an executive chef, business development and consultant, and currently is the NP advisory chef in KSA, Jeddah.

Chef Baadarani’s, thirst for knowledge, and enthusiasm for sharing makes me a great resource of kitchen operations. Chef baadarani has deep understanding of the dynamics of foodservice and a well-rounded view of the hospitality industry.


Ali Traboulsi - Kuwait

Chef Ali Traboulsi’s interest in cooking started when he was eight, soon after and at a very young age Chef tarboulsi started his culinary journey. Chef Traboulsi was the executive chef at one of the most rebound hotels in Beirut before joining as Np advisory chef for Kuwait.

Chef Traboulsi’s passion lies in creating fusion cuisines from different ethnicities and backgrounds.


Arz El Gemayel - Qatar

Chef Arz El Gemayel has 15 years of culinary experience in hotels, restaurants, catering, and is now the Advisory Chef for NP Qatar since May 2016.

Chef El-Gemayel is has a great culinary background in gourmet pastries and has a passion to satisfy every consumers pallet with his creative flavoring techniques.

Mail : arz@ffq.qa

Mobile : +97466870820

OTHER COUNTRIES 971 4810 0000

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